Is your mattress giving you the creeps?

Have you ever thought about what lies beneath you while you sleep?  This might just give you the creeps when you think about. Not to worry though, there are still things you can do to get a good night’s sleep and avoid the wrath of the boogeyman.   Skin cells, body oils, and dust mites…. Read More


At Midwest Mattress, we want to give you the ultimate relaxation experience, not only when you sleep, but when you’re awake, too! That’s why we partnered with Cozzia, a wellness seating company who is on the cutting-edge of relaxation technology. Cozzia is redefining the wellness-seating category with innovation and advances in robotic massage. Cozzia chairs… Read More

Sleep Tips for Traveling

It can be hard to adjust your daily routines to fit into the schedule of your trip.  Whether that be traveling for business or leisure. A good night’s sleep can make the difference between fully enjoying your time, or wishing you could just pull the blankets over your head and fall asleep in the middle… Read More

Enjoy Medical and Lifestyle Benefits with an Adjustable Base Mattress

Adjustable bases are an ideal addition to your bedroom! With an adjustable base you have hundreds of possible positions which allows you to rest and relax more comfortably than laying flat. By elevating your head and/or feet, with just the push of a button, your bed provides you customized comfort and relief from nagging ailments… Read More