Mattress Sale

Stop us if you have heard this before: “This mattress sale absolutely ends Sunday!”

There are countless “Mattress Sale” gimmicks being used today by many retailers. There’s the “Labor Day Mattress Sale,” the “4th of July Mattress Sale,” and the huge “Memorial Day Mattress Sale”…you name it and there is a mattress sale for it. At Midwest Mattress we don’t run gimmicky sales. No high pressure tactics claiming “Hurry, Sale ends soon” or “This is your last chance at this price.” Last chance huh…well what is the “real” price anyhow? Problem is consumers don’t know what the “real” regular price is.

Mattress Sale Advertising

Retailers rely heavily on “Mattress Sale” advertising to create urgency with potential customers in the effort to speed up their decision making process. The truth behind this tactic is that the retailer is using a “list price” to demonstrate their significantly lover “sale price.” This tactic has been used for decades but these retailers will seldom admit they have not sold a single unit at the suggested “list price.” Midwest Mattress doesn’t show or advertise phony “list” prices in order to claim huge savings.

Competitors Mattress Sales

Many of our competitors promote their mattress prices as “on sale” every day of the year. This requires a large advertising expense to promote the constantly changing sale. That cost is passed onto you through higher retail prices. We don’t do endless sale or gimmick based advertising. We also eliminate the commissions, spiffs, and co-operative advertising costs commonly built into mattress prices.

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